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Booze, mental illness, sexuality,

God, the Devil and a Teddy Bear -

Jacob Jobe wrestles with the big questions in "Fuzzy"

- a contemporary drama.




Jacob Jobe is feeling unwell, but he has his wayward daughter’s Teddy Bear to comfort him and his best friend to steer him doggedly back onto the “right” path. Meanwhile, romance blossoms, the last pint of cider is drunk, and as Jobe sinks ever deeper into despair he seeks a fair trial from God - whilst the Devil searches desperately for a chocolate biscuit…


A Biblical epic of

mundane proportions -

inspired by the book of Job




I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m aFuzzy was performed in 2014 to a great

critical reception,

following the show's sucess a smaller touring version of the show is being planned.

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